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As a strong believer in always trying to give something back in life, Luff continually commits himself to help those less fortunate by involving himself with several charities and the local community.

In 2016 Luff was invited to offer a driving masterclass tuition session with him as a top prize, alongside the likes of Grammy Award nominee Craig David, for the Chris Evans' Car Fest raffle, helping to raise over 5 million pounds for the BBC's Children In Need charity.

In 2017, having seen a report on ITV's London Tonight of an eight-year-old boy slowly losing his sight, Luff offered a fun karting session and an invitation to the Silverstone round of the British Touring Cars to Ethan Taylor and his family to help build memories for the Stargardt disease sufferer.  Stargardt is an inherited retinal disease causing progressive loss of vision.

In 2018 Luff began his relationship with locally-based UK wide children's charity, The Lennox Children's Cancer Fund, when he raised  £160 organising a raffle of 'money can't buy' motorsport prizes at his own end of season karting event.

In 2019 Luff strengthened his relationship with Lennox Children's Cancer by running in the charity's Annual Fun Run helping to raise further vital funds.

For the 2020 season Luff is committed to helping raise awareness and funds for the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young, or CRY, which carries out vital screening and research into the little known heart syndrome which fatally affects young adults between the ages of 14 and 35, particularly young ahtletes.

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